Let's say that you have just spent the better part of a year developing your new product. It is amazing, it is versatile, and it will eventually bring about the world peace that all the beauty pageant contestants keep talking about.

Ok, maybe that last one was a stretch.

But it’s true that you have a brand-spanking new product or service and you want everyone to know about it.

You are excited. You know your customer will be excited, and now it is time to release your new creation out into the world.

Now pause…

This is where everyone ends up, but the next steps are where the blunders begin to pile up.

What the majority of businesses do is the following:

Add a little blurb to their website somewhere on the sidebar or down at the bottom, saying words like ‘new’ and ‘buy now!’

Write a facebook post about it, directing the reader to their homepage or online shopping cart.

Tweet a few cool pics with a purchase link.

If they are half-way decent marketers, they will write an information page on the new product and how brilliant they were to create such a magnificent product.

All of these tactics are cogs in a big marketing machine that have their place, but at the center of it all should be the Product Landing Page.

What is this?

Let me begin with what it is not.

A landing page is not just an informational page about the benefits of your new and shiny thing.

It is also not simply a page of your website that looks just like all the other pages.

No, no, no. This is a special page that is designed specifically to create a distraction-free zone for your customer to salivate over your new creation with only 1 available action…. to purchase without delay.

Landing Pages are specifically designed to highlight the solutions your new product will give the user and tell the story of why they need it right now.

They are also designed to strip away all distraction. That means no header, footer, or sidebar content. All a landing page has is content: persuasive copy, pictures, testimonials and a limited time offer, so that there is no place to go but forward via the BUY NOW button.

The copy is designed to present the common problem, to tell the story of why the new product is the solution to said problem, provide testimonials for social proof, and then hit them with some stats and relevant information. From there, give them a sense of urgency to act with a limited time offer.

Make them emotionally invested, show them how other customers approve, and then give them confidence in the actual product. From there, they can only proceed by doing 1 of 2 things: move forward to purchase or close the browser window.

That is the power of Landing Pages.

All of your other efforts should feed traffic to this page. All the social posts and traffic to your main website should usher customers to this singular Landing Page where they will be compelled to act right away.

Do you see how this is infinitely more effective than just showing a picture and asking them to buy?

This is extremely effective for new products and/or services, as well as the page you have set up to collect email addresses for your newsletter.

Anything that needs a specific action taken needs to have a dedicated landing page.

Do you have products that need special attention or a boost in sales?

Great! Let’s talk about how we can craft a special page and offer together.

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