Otherwise known as Customer Success Stories, case studies are powerful tools of persuasion that can dramatically increase the probability of a person doing business with you.


Because your customers have a problem and YOU have the remedy. Case studies put a potential client in the shoes of someone who has already experienced the benefits they are searching for, and they are crediting their happiness to your business.

Through great storytelling, you are getting a prospect to feel the success they are searching for, while also proving peer verification that you can deliver on your promise.

The key to it all is to...

Tell A Story

The biggest mistake I see most companies make is to simply make an informational packet about themselves.

"XYZ Company can do bla bla bla because of our dedication to excellence and putting the customer first. Bla bla bla."

That just doesn't work. Everyone says that, so it doesn't set you apart from the pack. It doesn't make you different, and it doesn't compel the person to take action.

What they really want is to feel that you will help them with their problem, and have confirmation from other sources (aka- your previous customers).

That is why the best case studies tell a simple but powerful story of a customer experience. The report reveals:

  1. The customer's heartache (the problem experienced by the customer),
  2. How their problem was wondrously resolved (with your product/service),
  3. Then ends with the exciting benefits of doing business with you in the form of a glowing review. 

See how that is vastly different than the strictly informational approach?

The 1-2-3 Combo:


What issue does your product or service solve? Draw the reader into a narrative which begins with a painful situation, on-going pain, and the quest to find a remedy.

  • Identify the pain
  • Describe the need
  • Start with story


Once the quest for the solution has been presented, your product or service enters the scene like a knight in shining armor, mounted on a magical unicorn.

  • Introduce your product
  • How did it help?
  • Describe the relief


Here is where the previous customer praises you for making their life worth living again and gives social proof of the benefits of working with you.

  • Amazing benefit #1
  • Amazing benefit #2
  • Amazing benefit #3
  • Glowing testimonial

It’s Your Move

Do you see how a well-written case study can benefit your business? 

If so, then let's get started! Simply CLICK HERE and let me know how I can help you show your customers the value of what you have to offer.