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Hi, my name is Nate Roten, President and CEO of 12stone Press. I am here to come alongside you and help you grow your business through compelling copywriting.

I can help you set yourself apart from your competition, give your prospects the confidence they need to do business with you and increase your bottom line through well-written marketing pieces that sell.

Anyone can put words on a page, but it takes a skilled writer to craft a message that compels the reader to take action. That is called persuasive marketing and that is what I do.

Persuasive marketing transforms your website and marketing materials into a funnel where potential customers can discover exactly why you are the best solution to their problem and encourage them to take action... now.

It's engaging. It's evergreen. It gives the prospect exactly what they are looking for while establishing you as the expert, and best of all... it produces an ever-increasing ROI for your business!

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Where To Start

Website Copy

Make every page of your website persuasive and actionable.

Case Studies

Turn a customer success story into a lead generation machine.

Email Marketing

Offer value to sign them up, then automate your engagement.

 These are the 3 most popular points of persuasion and a great place to start if you are new.

Scroll down to see each resource in more detail and discover which is right for your business.

Website Copy

If you think your website is only meant to provide information about your company to potential customers, then you are missing out on a massive opportunity to engage in conversation, build relationships, and make a profit.

A well-crafted message on each page of your site should act as a funnel which draws the reader further into your offers while exciting them in the process. This is especially true for the Homepage and each Landing Page.

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Case Studies

Let's say that XYZ Company is your competition and has a nice website and provides ample information about their company. You, however, have free resources like case studies that tell a story from a satisfied customer's perspective about how awesome their life is now because of their experience with you.

Who do you think they will likely to do business with?

Turn a positive customer experience into a report that gives your customers a compelling reason to say yes to your business.

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Email Marketing

The power is in the list.

How different would your business be if you had a massive list of eager buyers to promote to anytime you wanted, or better yet, build a long term relationship with?

Draw them in with a valuable free offer. Build a relationship by engaging them through a series of auto-responder emails, and then stay in touch on a consistant basis. 

Do this, and you will see your business skyrocket, but the best part is that you will have loyal fans that will come back time and time again.

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